Glenn Duker is a solicitor based in Melbourne who practises in the area of commercial leasing.


Glenn Duker has considerable experience in dealing with lease issues in the Victorian, Queensland, NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and NT.


Commercial leasing includes the challenging area of retail leasing, which differs quite significantly from state to state.


Retail leases are governed by the Retail Leases Act 2003 in Victoria and there is the equivalent legislation in other states.


If you need advice on complex issues, Glenn Duker can provide succinct legal advice in relation to the enforcement of lessor rights and lessee rights. This includes new leases, disclosure statements, lease negotiation, subleases, assignment of lease, rent determination clauses, breach of lease, lease termination and lease litigation.


Leases for varying scenarios can also be drafted as required. Contact Glenn Duker today to discuss your individual situation.


For articles about retail leasing, please visit: Retail Lease Blog.

Glenn Duker