About Solicitor and Lease Lawyer Glenn Duker

Born and educated in Melbourne, Victoria, Glenn Duker has since established an impeccable reputation as a lawyer who specialises in many different areas of law. After attending the prestigious Mentone Grammar School and excelling academically as a teenager, Glenn moved on to the University of Melbourne, where he discovered his true calling in life: law.

After graduating with a double major in politics and law, Glenn gained valuable experience with Maddock Lonie Chisholm before beginning his own firm, Duker & Associates. He’s also started up his own firms in Queensland (Settle It Legal) and Melbourne (PCL Lawyers).

In addition to practicing law, Glenn is a keen blogger and podcaster who likes to share his legal knowledge and opinions with the general public. His desire to provide the online community with law-related information and news led to the launch of lawbiznews.com.au, where he actively reflects on legal matters and social issues.

Today, Glenn Duker is a senior lawyer who specialises in multiple areas of law, including family law, commercial and property law, and commercial leasing and litigation. With over 20 years of experience in providing excellent advice and representation, Glenn can be trusted to deliver the best result for his clients.

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