Retail Leasing

Retail Leasing

Retail Leasing refers to those leases which are subject to the provisions of the relevant retail leasing legislation. In Victoria, this is the Retail Leases Act. Lease lawyer Glenn Duker is a specialist in retail leasing, helping both businesses and landlords to successful navigate the process without any hassles or complications. With 20 years of accumulated knowledge and expertise behind him, you can trust Glenn Duker to secure the best outcome for your situation while supplying expert legal advice.

If You’re a Landlord

Glenn Duker can assist landlords of retail locations in many ways, from providing helpful advice right through to drafting a lease. The full list of services he can offer includes:

  • Preparing disclosure statements
  • Drafting the retail lease
  • Giving useful advice on termination and other notices
  • Providing assistance with the Retail Leases Act, ensuring all requirements are fulfilled
  • Help with negotiations if a lease dispute arises

If You’re a Tenant

If you’re a retailer or business and are looking to lease, or are currently leasing, Glenn Duker can provide a range of helpful services, including the following:

  • Resolving lock-outs and handling notices from the landlord
  • Helping with negotiations in the event of a lease dispute
  • Informing the tenant of all options
  • Guaranteeing compensation for disturbance of the business
  • Providing advice and information on the Retail Tenancy Unit
  • Providing help to franchisees with leases

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Whether you’re running a small business and need a lawyer to look over a lease before you sign it, or you’re a landlord who needs help drafting a lease, lawyer and solicitor Glenn Duker can help. Contact his firm today to obtain expert legal advice relating to retail leasing in Victoria, ensuring the best outcome for your case.

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